How To: Start Eating Clean

March 16, 2019
How To: Start Eating Clean- The Seasonal Junkie

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by a diet.

Ha, obviously I was just kidding. We’ve all been there. Fad diets, cleanses, super food claims, green tea pills…. If I’m being honest, I’ve even mixed caffeine pills with asthma medication to get ready for spring break after reading a body building magazine. If you are thinking oh my god you are embarrassing and stupid, you are absolutely right. That is a very stupid way to lose weight. But, you wouldn’t have been able to talk my 19-year old self out of it then.

Fast forward 10 years, and I have such a different approach to my health and what I consume. I do take supplements, but I’m very conscious about what I eat and I work out about 5 days a week. It isn’t a diet, rather it’s a lifestyle. And when you start thinking about your health in terms of a lifestyle, the task of getting fit doesn’t seem so daunting.

If you are ready to clean up your act and get on the right track to eating clean, I’ve rounded up some tips that I have gotten the most success from.

Set a date and have a plan

We’ve all heard the saying, “fail to plan, plan to fail.” And this is so true. If you are trying something like a Paleo-based diet, Whole30, or even a sugar cleanse, setting a date is super important. For one, you’re setting up your expectations and intentions. Mentally, having a start date ensures that on that day and moving forward you’re less likely to have slip-ups.

You’re able to prepare. If you are making a big change from what you normally consume, this is going to take a little brain power. Doing research into what products are going to help you achieve success and getting rid of anything that might be a hurdle.

Personally, if I am not a part of some type of group fitness, having a workout plan is key. That way when I show up to the gym, I know what I’m there to do and I’m not wasting time.

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Create a Support System

The best way to follow through with anything, is to be surrounded by it. Live it, talk about it, be about it. Get a group of friends together that also want to start eating better and being active. Instead of going out for wine and appetizers, you’ll find yourself making gym and meal-prep dates. You can also join a support group, this is an awesome way to meet others that are living a healthy lifestyle. The greatest thing about being able to connect with someone that is also making changes to their habits, is that they are going through the same experience you are. It gives you a communication line to someone that can lift you up when you are feeling unmotivated and vice versa.


Anything that is not going to serve your goal needs to GTFO. If you are doing a sugar cleanse, get that ish out! Same thing with alcohol, other sweets, fake food, all of it. Chuck it! Healthy choices are so much easier when there isn’t another option. You might be saying “Brooke, I am just not going to throw away my 1985 Silver Oak Carbernet” and honestly I would be mad at you if you did. But if you made a choice to stop drinking wine, during that non-wine time, place it somewhere out of sight. Because out of sight, out of mind.

Find ways to stay busy

People!!! I’m no Dr. Phil, but staying busy is the best way to get over heartache, anxiety, and you guessed it….. all the food you are craving when you start eating clean. Now, not that this is a guide to what you should/shouldn’t have, I’m very sorry to report that alcohol is a major no-no in most clean eating guides. And for good reason, it’s a time waster, it’s empty calories, it promotes poor food decisions, poor decisions in general (haha)…. the list goes on. But my main point is that when you cut it out you are going to be sooooo productive. So, become the next Marie Kondo, take up knitting, join a book club, start practicing figure-eights, whatever you have wanted to try, now is the time!

How To: Start Eating Clean- The Seasonal Junkie

I personally keep busy by hiking and working on my blog!

Create Rituals

A lot of our bad habits are because of rituals. For example: Getting home from work, grabbing a wine glass, pouring a glass of wine. At one moment in my life, I had those steps trained into my brain just like J. Lo in “Enough”. (if you get it, you get it). The point is, some of the behaviors we do are just because it’s what we do. Day in and day out.

So change it

Instead of pouring wine into my wine glass, I pour La Croix or my favorite kombucha in that same wine glass. It seems so silly and simple. But you would be amazed, it works. Instead of some sort of sweet treat at the end of the night, I make an herbal chai tea. It may feel weird at first, but after few times you will enjoy these rituals you set into place.

Well, the best part of all of this is that you are interested in getting started. You can do the rest now that you’ve made the decision. You can make a change and start eating clean. These are my top five tips that I see the most success with. I would love any feedback for what works best for people! Let me know, I look forward to hearing from you!

How To: Start Eating Clean- The Seasonal Junkie

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