Thailand Vacation: Koh Phangan AKA Island Time

April 19, 2018

Thailand Vacation. DAY 5.

Thailand Vacation- The Seasonal Junkie

In life you need experiences that will allow you to grow as a person. Enter Phuwadee. Now some of you may be groaning that I am such a priss. Well, guilty then, okay. I have never even been camping as a child. So sue me! The location itself was amazing. Our little hut of rough was right on the beach, and the staff was amazing.  But I have a serious question for you. Do you like cheese boards? Now, have you ever tried sleeping on one…. For 4 days?

Imagine this: Its 7:45 AM, you’re sleeping on your hardest cheese board. You’re hung over from too many Singhas and Rasta Baby Party Cocktails (yes that is a thing). Some weird breed of Thailand cicadas are all around you. They are creating some sound that has manifested into the most perfect way I could use to describe the sound of anxiety. And I had not had a proper shower in 48 hours. To me, that is some Bear Grylls shit. Am I being a tad dramatic? Maybe. But I think I will say that I personally will pick a place that will allow me to flush my tp down the toilet and some form of padding to sleep on during my next Thailand vacation. But If you are not as high maintenance as me, you will be just fine and the resort location is a gem. For me, maybe a gem in the rough. I will say though, the staff was always ready to crack us open a Singha when Singha Time was upon us. And there was nothing but ocean beauty to look at.

What is Singha, you ask….? Well our Thailand Vacation wouldn’t have been the same with out it.

Thailand Vacation- The Seasonal Junkie

Now, one of the cornerstones of Koh Phangan  was the group discovery of Singha with Lime (We kept calling it Limon, like we were maybe French) ( In Thailand Lemon=Lime, and it’s pronounced like a normal lemon,  so don’t put any weird accents on it). Myself, I’m not a huge beer fan as it is. But man, I don’t know, Singha was like pants from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Obviously, in like, beer form. It fit each of our tastes and was so light, so refreshing. For that reason, Singha was our mantra, our anthem, our pool of vitality that we drank from.  EVERY. SINGHA. DAY.

Our group of six was like a walking commercial for Singha. Running around all ends of Thailand, Singha in hand. Every morning I would wake up and swear that I could not drink 1 more Singha. But by 3 PM, I found myself asking “Singha time”? And everyone would answer back in unison “Singah time”. Once we get back to the “states” (that’s what everyone calls the US) we are making Singha Sundays a thing. Running around in our Singha shirts sharing our experiences. Feel free to participate and hashtag it. Maybe Singha will finally recognize us if we bug them enough. (Cough-Also wouldn’t mind an all expense paid trip to Thailand) (but I won’t be greedy).

Rasta Baby

Thailand Vacation- The Seasonal Junkie

We spent many nights at Rasta Baby during our Thailand Vacation. It was our spot. One of our group members was friends with the owners from the last time she visited. Our first night we were there, we stumbled upon liquid gold. What is it you ask? 4 words: Rasta. Baby. Party. Cocktails. Outside of Singah, this was our other form of alcoholic consumption. Imagine a white Russian, but instead of cream they use coconut milk and blend with ice. Soooo Good. Rasta Baby Party Cocktails were single-handedly responsible for the microphone-less karaoke of Alanis and The Spice Girls.

I surprisingly won May and Wan over and convinced them to do a cooking class with me after showing them my blog. I have a feeling it was my rendition of Ironic from the night before that sealed the deal. Such a great experience. Wan is a very experienced chef in the kitchen. Everything was super flavorful. She showed a traditional Pad Thai, Tom Kah Soup, and a minced chicken dish over rice. All three turned out amazing and I cannot wait to put my own twist on them. If you are ever in Koh Phangan, I highly suggest checking Rasta Baby out. You will not be disappointed with Rasta Baby Party Cocktails. And if they like you enough, they may even throw your group a dance party.

Thailand Vacation- The Seasonal Junkie


A word of caution on your Thailand vacation.

Asking for something spicy. One of the nights we ate at a restaurant called “Mama’s”. And I kid you not, Mama is back there, making all your food. So we get our order taken and one of our members orders their dish spicy. Somehow Mama, got us confused. I ordered a papaya salad. Not spicy. Keep in mind, that I love spicy. Well, about half way through my salad, I have acknowledged my dish being spicy. Shortly after, my ear drums were throbbing to the beat of the Thai music that was playing and my eyes were crying like I was watching The Notebook. It was like someone had bombed my mouth with ghost peppers soaked in Tabasco. So at this point, I am trying not to lose it, acting like everything is fine. Then “Mama” comes out and starts teasing me in Thai. Saying “you like spicy, you like spicy?” Basically making crying faces at me. Teasing me. In front of everyone. Then she takes a selfie with us. While still making fun of me. It’s not a Thailand vacation if you can’t have some fun though. I will remember that Mama. I won’t forget.

Must Haves:

My biggest recommendation while your on Koh Pangage would be definitely get the pineapple rice. Every place I had it, and it was so good. Oh and if you love seafood as much as me. Eat as much as you possible can. Because duh, they are catching it hours before you are eating it.


Thailand Vacation- The Seasonal Junkie

On the fifth day we ended up going back to the main island of Koh Samui and stayed at this beautiful resort call The Sarann. I instantly walked in and decided  “Good bye Phoenix, I am home now”. With infinity pools that look over a glourius ocean view and beds that would spring back when you jumped on them. It was The Ritz.

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Thailand Vacation: Koh Phangan AKA Island Time
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Thailand Vacation: Koh Phangan AKA Island Time
Second stop on our Thailand Vacation is Koh Phangan. Your seafood is being caught right from the sea. And the locals are great. If you are visiting you are in for a spicy treat!
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