Thailand Vacation: First Stop Bangkok

April 12, 2018

Sorry It has been hit or miss on my Thailand Vacation guys. Wifi is now a luxury that we don’t always have.

Thailand Vacation

You can keep up with the daily on my insta though, so definitely check it out.

Can I just say, the second you get off the plane (well at least for me) HOLY CULTURE SHOCK. There is just so much stimulation going around everywhere.

Our Thailand vacation started in Bangkok, so I’ll get you up to speed on all that has happened. The good and the hilarious.

Thailand Vacation

We landed at like 2 am last Tuesday. Adjusting your internal clock IS a struggle guys. I became like a professional power napper. And I’m not a huge napper. I like to go, go, go all the time. But for the first day or two your body is like what the hell is going on? I was out on Koah San Road at like 2 am and I had the energy of Richard Simmons at an aerobics convention. Koah San Road is wild. Imagine Vegas, but with like less rules than Vegas. The bar girls are basically  dragging the men tourists into bars that we were denied entry. Part of me is curious about what goes on in there, but I’m just going to pretend it’s like a really intense poker competition. I mean it definitely is, right?

Also, fair warning with what to expect in the bathrooms. You now use a kitchen sprayer as your toilet paper. 50 percent of places that I came across did not use toilet paper, and if they did you definitely were not flushing it down. So either drip dry or give yourself a little spritz. It is what it is.

Speaking English on a Thailand Vacation

The next thing you should know is if you are traveling outside of America for the first time, majority of people are not fluent in English. I mean some are definitely, but I don’t know how many times I tried asking directions for something and they knew enough to tell me they don’t speak English. So at this point of my trip after a few sideways looks from people. I am 86 percent fluent in hand motions. Then… every once in a while someone will answer my hand motions in English and the excitement I have is similar to a child opening up xmas presents. Which is probably scary for the people I’m communicating with.

A good thing to check out while on a Thailand Vacation would be The Grand Palace. It is amazing. Everything is bejeweled and gold. Be warned though with all that gold, you will be sweating from every inch of your body. So worth it though. Also, keep in mind that while visiting the temples you will need your shoulders and knees covered. I just bought elephant pants and wore a linen top. Unfortunately while doing some poses for the camera I split my elephant pants and had to walk around with my butt cheek showing. It was really cute. In case you are wondering you can not return ripped elephant pants that costs 100 baht ($3.00).

Thailand Vacation

Thailand Vacation

Now the good stuff: The Food

At this point in my life, I have never eaten so much seafood. But you guys, It is the best thing I have experienced. My favorite thing  on my  Thailand Vacation has been this glass noodle seafood salad, They have  a mix of squid, shrimp, and calamari with this zangy sauce (fish sauce is pretty much in everything) (I’m to the point where I pretty much have just accepted that I smell like fish sauce- It’s just who I am now). I ate a scorpion. And you know what? It tasted like jerky. I also heard it is high in protein. So pretty much, I am just going to start grinding up dried scorpions into all my smoothies. Why not?

Thailand Vacation (1)

Thailand Vacation

One of the biggest sensory shocks that has happened on this Thailand Vacation? Walking into a dried fish market. I LOVE funky smells. Usually I am lathering the raunchiest blue cheese over some fresh apples. But my god, I almost lost it when went in there. I will probably never forget that smell. But, that smell is the reason Thai food is so unique. A pinch of dried fish or whatever you purchase is what is going to make your Pad Thai, actually Pad Thai. I am sooo excited to share some of the recipes I have already learned.

Thailand Vacation

Anyways, the next stop on our Thailand Vacation adventure is Koh Samui so I’ll be back to tell you all about it.

Peace, Love, & Singha

I will tell you all about Singha in the post

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    April 21, 2018 at 11:10 pm

    Ahahah “ I was out on Koah San Road at like 2 am and I had the energy of Richard Simmons at an aerobics convention”. This one is a winner…i’m gonna be in Thailand at the end of the year, but i must say that Bangkok might be a bit too much for me 🙂 your post is so funny though 🙂

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